Study Visit to Paris

In accordance with the Twinning Contract, the study visit to the relevant institutions of the Twinning Partner took place from 17 to 22 January 2016.

The main purpose of the study visit was to get a deep insight into the institutional and organizational structure relatedIMG_20160120_142323 to the GHG monitoring and reporting under the MMR set in place within the EU Member State. Participants had an opportunity to meet experts from different units of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy of the Republic of France dealing with the MMR, but also from other relevant institutions such as the Service of statistic and prospective (SSP) of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry (MAAF) and the Interprofessional Technical Centre for Studies on Air Pollution (CITEPA).

The program of the study visit was designed in order to meet the BC needed covering all the main aspects of the systems needed for the MMR such

as: national system for the inventory, national systems for policies and measures and projections, national set-up for preparation of Low carbon development strategy, national system for statistics and data sources, GHG Inventory set-up (organization, methodological issues and deliverables), national system for adaptation and prepaIMG_20160122_150546ration of Biannual Update Report and National Communication.

In total, 7 out of 10 invited representatives of national institutions of importance for the MMR implementation participated at the study visit. As foreseen within the Twinning Contract, the selection of participants was discussed between RTA and RTA counterparts and submitted to the PSC for approval.

According to the evaluation questionnaire, the study visit was highly appreciated the BC experts in terms of capacity building and sharing of best practices in the field of MMR.

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