About the project


In 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection decided to launch a project in order to support the implementation of Monitoring Mechanism Regulation.

The project aims to establish necessary legal and procedural framework enabling to define roles and responsibilities of Governmental Institutions involved in the process of monitoring and reporting on GHG emission and for reporting other information relevant to climate change. The legal framework will create a binding obligation for data collection and their reporting to responsible institutions. Beside making available climate change related information and data, the establishment of the MMR will facilitate the monitoring of climate change relied laws, strategies and relevant sector policies. Also, it will ensure the improvement of policy documents and better adaptation to climate change by introducing climate change related issues into the policy-making process.

Twinning partners

The project is implemented by:

  • Interprofessional Technical Center for Studies on Air Pollution (CITEPA)
  • French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy,
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia

The project includes over 500 expert mission-days, involving representatives of French national administration and other relevant institutions of the Republic of France. More than 30 French experts will work with Serbian colleagues in order to transfer the know-how and EU best practice in the field of EU climate acquis. The project will also include representatives of Serbian line ministries, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, universities and institutes, civil society and NGOs.

Project duration

Project implementation started on 15th May 2015 and will last 24 months.

Project funding 

The project is funded by the European Union with 1 million Euros and co-financed by the Republic of Serbia with 0,2 million Euros.


As part of this project, an information website, called MMR-Serbia.info, was developed in order to involve public institutions, civil society and other relevant stakeholders in the establishment of the MMR system in Serbia and to raise awareness on forthcoming obligations of Serbia in the field of monitoring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

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