Why MMR is important for Serbia ?

Why MMR is important for Serbia ?

The establishment of appropriate institutional and legal framework in Serbia for the implementation of the new Monitoring Mechanism Regulation (MMR) will result in:

  • ensuring the timeliness, transparency, accuracy, consistency, comparability and completeness of reporting by Serbia to the UNFCCC Secretariat;
  • reporting and verifying information relating to commitments of Serbia pursuant to the UNFCCC, and evaluating progress towards meeting those commitments;
  • monitoring and reporting all anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks of greenhouse gases in Serbia;
  • monitoring, reporting, reviewing and verifying greenhouse gas emissions and other information pursuant to requirements arising from Decision No. 406/2009/EC (ESD-Effort Sharing Decision);
  • reporting the use of revenue generated by auctioning allowances under EU-ETS;
  • monitoring and reporting on the actions taken by Serbia to adapt to the inevitable consequences of climate change in a cost-effective manner;
  • evaluation of progress of Serbia towards meeting its future obligations for GHG emissions not covered by the EU-ETS;
  • definition of roles, competences and responsibilities of Government Institutions in the process of collecting and publishing of information and data relevant for climate change;
  • availability of climate change related information and data to all stakeholders at any time;
  • establishment of indicators for monitoring of implementation of policies relevant to the fight against the climate change.


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